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2017 June ACE Programme


Sign up early for our June Holiday Programme
and ACE in your 'O' & 'A' Levels!


Do you have these issues…

  • Have a weak foundation/conceptual errors?
  • Did not do well in your tests/exams?
  • Need extra practice/revision?
  • Sitting for major exams soon?
  • Want to score well in exams?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, our June Ace Programme is perfect for you!

Why should you come for the Programme?

  1. We have helped countless students score well in their examinations over the years; our students improve more than 3 grades!
  2. What’s more, our class size is capped at a maximum of 5 per class, to ensure that each and every student receives the guidance they need.
  3. Students can expect extensive practice for each subject, using our examination style questions. For both O & A Level Chemistry and Social Studies, all modules are carefully crafted to ensure that students benefit the most from them.
  4. Important content for each topic will be explained to the students and broken down in a clear and concise manner.
  5. There will be detailed question analysis for all practices, ensuring that students understand the questions, and know how to answer future questions.
  6. Students are highly encouraged to clear all their doubts during the classes, to ensure that they fully benefit from it.


Sign up today in only 3 easy steps!

  1. Look at our schedule for each subject, and pick your desired modules as shown below.
  2. Scroll down for multiple-module discounts, and sign up ASAP to receive an Early Bird discount*.
  3. Call or email us at 6554 9440 or info@thekimiyagroup.com to reserve a place for each module today!


Hear from our students!

“I have gained better understanding of the subject, and learnt how to study for physical, organic and inorganic chemistry more effectively. Likewise, I have learnt how to better manage my time during tests.”
Lee Jia Qian, A Level Private Candidate (A Level Chemistry D to B)

“Mr. Liu had taught many answering techniques and how to analyse questions properly. I received a lot of practice, and the summaries of topics were effective reference materials.”
Gan Kai Bin, AHS (O Level Chemistry F9 to A2)

“Mr. Liu helped me understand the Chemistry concepts better and the examination questions became a lot easier.”
Brandon Lee, ACS (O Level Chemistry F9 to A2)