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The word Kimiya (کیمیا) originates from the old Persian language, and it refers to the science of transforming metal into gold. The Persians were one of the earliest civilisations to have excelled in Chemistry!

Our Origin

In 2003, Kimiya started off as a humble set up offering one-to-one private Chemistry home tuition. During the next few years, Kimiya developed numerous teaching materials for Chemistry, which were all well-received by other tutors and teachers. Due to overwhelming demand, Kimiya opened its first MOE Registered Tuition Centre in 2013, offering group tuition for GCE A Level and O Level subjects.

Our Philosophy

At Kimiya, we strive to enhance, hone and nurture the potential of all our students. Through a group tuition setting, they will still receive the best teaching methods that have been formulated to cater to each and every student. With the support of our original teaching materials, we aim to cultivate a passion for the subject in our JC and secondary school students and to broaden their learning capabilities.

Parents and students will be pleased to know that all our tuition classes have a maximum of 5 students each, and are held in a conducive, air-conditioned environment. The small class size maximises the personal attention received by each student, and allows them to learn more effectively.

Our Approach

Over the years, we learned that a student’s ability to learn and perform well in their examinations is maximised through the use of innovative teaching methodology, as well as full effort from all parties.

Our commitment to the student starts the moment they walk into the centre for registration. The teacher will meet the student individually, and go through their latest test or exam paper. This allows the teacher to have a better understanding of the student’s current standard and identify their possible problems; in turn, this will better help him/her improve in the particular A Level or O Level subject.

We also strategically dissect each subject into smaller and more manageable portions when we teach, and identify the students’ weaknesses and focus specifically on the areas that require more attention.

Last but not least, we conduct assessments periodically to ensure that students understand the concepts, and are able to apply what they have learnt. Through these assessments, students will be able to learn and practice the various examination techniques imparted to them.

Our interaction with students does not stop at the end of each tuition lesson; time for consultation is reserved for our students after they end class, so they can further clarify their doubts. Through this approach, we have enabled our students to make drastic improvements in the long run.

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