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Kimiya Learning Place is an education learning centre in Singapore with the core responsibility of making sure that the academic needs of your child/ward are met to the fullest. At Kimiya Learning Place, we employ small group tuition to make education fun and flexible for your child/ward.

Small group tuition offers your child/ward the following benefits:

Great Chance for Giving Feedbacks

In a typical class setting, feedback for most students can be limited to marked work, parent-teacher meetings, and annual parents’ evenings. In small tuition groups, feedback on work can go well beyond an A*-F grade. In the informal but conducive environment that Small Group Tuition provides, students are more likely to receive instant feedback on their ideas/misconception/studying habits as they are contributing more to discussions, which is a not so easy task to replicate on a larger scale.

No One Gets Leave Behind

Most lesson plans in recent times accommodate an airtight schedule, for instance, in a classroom of about 30 students and constant testing, if a child needs extra attention on a particular topic, it can usually go unnoticed. This is not the fault of the teacher, but merely a reality of the modern education system. In small group tuition, the above scenario is less likely to happen as we tend to deviate from the rigid plan and allow our students develop at their own pace, guiding them all the way, throughout the process.

Confidence Development

Most times when students fail to participate in large group discussions, it could be an issue of lack of self-belief rather than the widely assumed laziness. Small group tuition provides informal but highly conducive atmosphere often allow tutors to bring all students into the conversation, hereby giving them the encouragement they need to participate. Small Group Tuition has been found to be really beneficial, to those in single-gender or faith schools, and also in increasing social skills with people of other backgrounds.

Team Spirit

Small group tuition creates an intimate environment for its small number of group members, Whilst students may tend to shy away or get distracted in large settings, a small, knit team, working towards the solution of the same problem or project places a child in a situation where they have to be active socially, bringing about both educational and social progress at the same time.

The Flexibility of Time

Small group tuition makes time flexible to be allocated to where it is needed, it is really easier to settle issues of children struggling with a concept in small tuition groups, because it is likely the whole group will be struggling with the same concept, it’s quite easy to monitor the rest of the students whilst taking one student to the side for individual attention.

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