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Unlike other General Paper tutors, Wei Lun teaches students how to analyze and answer questions instead of “spoon feeding”. He guides the student to answering the question by giving clues along. He also explains what the answer means by breaking it down. Whenever the passage has parts that are difficult to comprehend, he breaks down word by word so that it is easier for the student to understand. In addition, he relates things to current affairs so that it increases the students general knowledge.

Tan Si Han, Yishun JC

Arguably, General Paper (GP) at GCE A-Level goes above and beyond the demands of GCE O-Level English. Through the syllabus, the General Paper subject promotes analytical thinking in a wide range of content areas while honing writing skills.

Meeting this challenge, Kimiya provides a differentiated approach. With a return to the basics, studying the General Paper at Kimiya means re-looking the oft (assumed but) neglected skill of reading. Why such a focus? The content for essays and Application Questions comes from the volume of knowledge one possesses. The greater the amount, the larger the amount of ‘ammunition’. In tandem, the ability to decipher, digest and analyse comprehension passages is equally critical.

Therefore, one can expect the review of grammatical rules; varied and interesting ways to discover content; and finally the chance to develop one’s writing. The aim is to help students enjoy the General Paper and gain lifelong skills. The spill over benefits are extensive, to say the least. Decoding and grasping assorted content in General Paper supports mastery of other subjects like Geography, History or Economics. This confidence and experience can then be brought over to tertiary education, thereafter adult life. As can be seen in the working world, the ability to learn (and relearn) has become fundamental in the era of short business cycles, retrenchment and changing laws. Thus, success in the General Paper establishes one of the foundational pillars for adult life.

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About the Tutor
Weilun obtained his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from the National University of Singapore (NUS). Other qualifications include the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) and a diploma in Anti-Money Laundering. In addition, Weilun has trained staff in customer service, processes and Information Technology (IT) systems. Further, he contributed to the development of Ministry of Education (MOE) trainee teachers. With regards to teaching and tutoring, he previously taught History in a Junior College (JC). There he assisted his General Paper (GP) colleague with knowledge in political theory. His students have hailed from the Primary to the JC levels in the subjects of English, History and GP. Various topics interest Weilun – law, sports, literature, classical music, finance and ethics among others. Where possible he draws links between the different disciplines and subjects. Overall, he hopes to help students grow holistically over the long term.