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Just left Primary School and having trouble grasping topics during your Secondary 1 science lessons? Or perhaps, you’re still struggling to comprehend and adequately answer science questions at Secondary 2? Worry no more as Kimiya has Secondary 1 and 2 science tuition classes for you!

Leaving Primary School and entering Secondary School can be a daunting experience. One is made to take a lot more subjects that what one is used to. So it is not surprising if you find certain concepts in Secondary School Science difficult to grasp! Furthermore, Kimiya Learning Place recognises that there are very significant differences between Lower and Upper Secondary Science. We, therefore, do not lump students from lower and upper secondary together in a single class.

Throughout your time in these lower-secondary-science-only tuition sessions, you’ll be brought through all the concepts within Lower Secondary Science as well as be taught specialised tactics to overcome difficulties in Secondary 1 and 2 science.

You can count of the dedicated tutors at Kimiya to assist you in preparing for and better understanding lower secondary science. Through the various tried-and-tested teaching methods, you can expect to stay on par or even be ahead of your classmates in school!

About the Tutor
Ms Hazel is one of the founders of Kimiya Learning Place. She received her BSc (HONS) from National University of Singapore in 2007 and has tutoring experience for more than 10 years. On top of the upper Secondary Chemistry class, she also handles all our lower Secondary Science and A level H2 Chemistry classes. She authors the Chemistry notes and assessment (reference to MOE syllabus) used in our learning place. Our original and concise chemistry notes is now in used in more than 10 different countries.

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