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Are you afraid of Mathematics? One can never escape the “evil” clutches of math. What interest is payable for a television at 2.5% per annum? What is the probability of missing the bus today? Mathematics is a necessary “evil” but not something to be feared – you can overcome the difficulties you have with Mathematics with guidance of our dedicated and experienced tutors at Kimiya Learning Place!

Our mathematics tuition classes cater to students from Upper Primary to Secondary Four!

Our Learning Model

Kimiya Maths Learning Model

Meet the tutors:

Ms Shirleen Cho

Ms Cho pictured in the middle

Ms Shirleen Cho received her Bachelor of Science for Applied Mathematics in 2004. Since then, she has acquired more than 12 years of teaching experience together with curriculum planning and setting of Secondary Mathematics questions. On top of that, she is also familiar with the Mathematics syllabus for Integrated Programmes from different schools.

With her cheerful character, Ms Cho is able to actively engage students in the class even when they have different levels of learning abilities. Questions are divided into various levels of difficulties and categories so that students are exposed to a wide range of mathematical problems. Other than merely teaching relevant concepts and formulae, Ms Cho sees the importance on identifying and applying the correct methods for specific questions. With these, her students are not only able to grasp concepts in a shorter period of time but also capable to solve challenging problems accurately.

At Kimiya, Ms Cho is teaching Lower Secondary Math and both Upper Secondary/IP Elementary and Additional Math Classes.

Mr Roger Lim

(Mr Lim pictured at the far right of the front row)

Mr Roger Lim is a NUS graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. He is an ex-PSE scholar who has previously taught in schools. Mr Lim has more than 15 years of teaching experience and is very knowledgeable in this area.

Mr Lim firmly believes that no child with the right learning attitude will be left behind. He is constantly pushing his students to achieve the best of their abilities. Knowing that students may find math a dry and boring subject, he uses interesting stories to relate mathematics to real life. He also value-adds his students by promoting self confidence in the subject. Furthermore, he is able to work closely with parents to provide feedback on how their child can further improve in the subject. With Mr Lim’s help, one can expect to become well versed in mathematics.

At Kimiya, Mr Lim is teaching Upper Primary Math, Lower Secondary Math, Elementary Math and Additional Math classes.

What our students say:
I met Mr Lim when I was in secondary 2, scoring f9 for math, and had no confidence in my math abilities. He has been tutoring me for about year now and my grades have taken a monumental jump from failing to getting Cs and Bs. He is the very embodiment of what a good teacher should be, kind, nurturing, funny and encouraging, however he does not tolerate people who don’t put in effort after all it takes 2 to tango. Mr Lim takes the time to explain any misconceptions I have and makes sure that I can fully grasp any concept he has taught. He is a forward looking person and he reminds me the end goal is still O’level and that with continued hard work I will be able to get to my goals, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Mr Lim is an extremely capable teacher and is dedicated to his craft. It has been my immense pleasure to have the privilege to be taught by him.
Michaela Nita Corrie-Keilig, Secondary 2

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