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Are you afraid of Mathematics? One can never escape the “evil” clutches of math. What interest is payable for a television at 2.5% per annum? What is the probability of missing the bus today? Mathematics is a necessary “evil” but not something to be feared – you can overcome the difficulties you have with Mathematics with guidance of our dedicated and experienced tutors at Kimiya Learning Place!

Our Secondary and JC Mathematics tuition classes caters to all levels (Secondary 1 to 5 and H2 JC Mathematics).

In these classes, we will be doing the following:

  • Guided mastering of concepts and formulas
  • Step by step presentation of workings
  • Practice questions with difficulty levels ranging from 1 to 3

To make it simpler for you, we offer synchronized programmes for E and A Mathematics for all levels (Secondary 1 to 5). And because we care about your success, each class will only have a maximum of 4 students to facilitate effective and personalized learning.

About the Tutor
Mr Liao Zheng Han received his Bachelor of Engineering (HONS) in 2009, followed by his PGDE from NIE in 2010. He is both a trained MOE teacher and an experienced tutor with more than 10 years of experience.

In his Maths class, Mr Liao is not only concerned with getting his students to know how to tackle examination-style problems but also committed to getting his students to understand the underlying rationales behind why things are done that way. This helps to instill genuine long term interest for the subjects with students, consequently leading to the motivation to do well. Coupled with his familiarity with the MOE ‘O’ Level syllabus, Mr Liao knows exactly how to help each student to achieve the grades they desire.

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