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How Can I Prepare Myself for Junior College?

Congratulations to all our ‘O’ Level students for overcoming the toughest hurdle in education so far! With the results’ release last week, it is now time to plan for the next level of education! The next 2 to 3 years is undoubtedly the most important for students stepping into adulthood, so parents and students alike have to make wise decisions for themselves!

If you are choosing the Junior College (JC) path, then perhaps it is time to gear up for an action-packed race throughout the next 2 years! Trust us, we have all been there before: lectures, tutorials, CCAs, homework… the workload just seems to multiply continuously! Is there any saving-grace for a Junior College student?

Fortunately, there is! ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ cannot be more accurate to describe the road to ‘A’ Levels. Consistency in your work and revision, plus a carefully planned timetable can really help you to avoid last-minute panics before examinations.

Of course, getting a little help to kickstart your JC education will definitely benefit students to tune back to study mode after a 2-month hiatus. In addition, it lays a good foundation for students to advance to more complicated concepts and topics later.

One subject that JC students usually overlook is General Paper, an advanced version of the English Language. With writing constituting 75% of the total marks (Essay writing and Summary Writing), students are expected to express their matured opinions and understanding on paper. Seems easy, but students usually struggle to deliver and for worse, they are unable to pinpoint their mistakes! Other required skills include a good grasp of vocabulary, a good awareness of current affairs, and fact checking on important issues and events around the world!

Another subject terrorising Science stream students in particular is Chemistry. They might have been able to get away with memorising chemical formulae and equations in ‘O’ Levels, but it might not work anymore for ‘A’ Levels. With more complex chemical reactions, maximised oxidation states and a whole new planet of organic chemistry, a little guidance and assistance will really be appreciated.

The 2 years in JC is not easy, but at the same time it provides positive pressure for the young adults to learn about resilience and become more tenacious. Students should find out what works best for them to cope with stress, and better themselves along the way. We believe that the road to ‘A’ Levels is like overcoming hurdles in an athletics race and Kimiya is here to provide the support to your resounding finish.

Kimiya Learning Centre is offering free trial classes for General Paper and Chemistry to new incoming JC students, teaching actual topics covered in the syllabus. We believe that this is the best way to give students a head start. If you have any enquiries about our trial classes, please email us at info@thekimiyagroup.com or call us at 6554 9440 and we will be more than happy to assist you.