We are proud to announce that Kimiya Learning Place has passed all assessments and have made it to the Singapore SME 500 award 2022. The Singapore SME 500 Award 2022 is extremely significant for Kimiya Learning Place as it marks an important milestone for us, and affirms the long-years of dedication towards providing quality and tailored academic to all students who reached out to us.

The Singapore SME 500 Award is one of Singapore’s highly regarded business accolade the recognises local enterprises for their business qualities, excellence and capabilities. It is our utmost honour to be able to be awarded the Singapore SME 500 Award.

We would like to thank all the parents, students as well as our partners and tutors for their support and contribution. Without the consistent support of our parents and students, and the dedication of our tutors in providing the most tailored and quality curriculum, Kimiya Learning Place could not have made it so far.

Being awarded the Singapore SME 500 Award, it is not only an honour, but also a reminder for us to continue to stay rooted in our belief and philosophy, and strive to maintain our quality of standard in meeting the academic needs of our students.

In the ever-changing landscape of education in Singapore, Kimiya Learning Place will stay rooted in our belief of providing non-discriminatory academic help to students from all backgrounds, and to ensure each student’s tailored needs are met through our tutors’ genuine and caring guidance, propelling them forward not just for their current education, but in their future endeavours too.

We wish to celebrate this happy occasion with all our parents, students, tutors and partners!