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2014 Lower Secondary EOY Holiday Class

2014 Holiday Programme

Secondary 1 Students of 2015

Mathematics Preparation Class

You’ve just completed your PSLE and you’re keen to have a head start for the next phase of your education life. You’re looking at the right place! This December, KIMIYA has a secondary 1 level Mathematics preparation class catered just for you. You also have the luxury of choosing from two sets of dates.
Classes take place either on the 1 December to 4 December at 11am to 12:30pm daily or on the 15 December to 18 December at 11am to 12:30pm daily.
The topics covered to better prepare you for your first year in secondary school are Simple Indices, Common Factor/Denominator, Manipulation of integers, and the necessary introduction to Algebra.
Contact us at 6554 9440 for registration or information.

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