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Are you afraid of Mathematics? One can never escape the “evil” clutches of math. What interest is payable for a television at 2.5% per annum? What is the probability of missing the bus today? Mathematics is a necessary “evil” but not something to be feared – you can overcome the difficulties you have with Mathematics with guidance of our dedicated and experienced tutors at Kimiya Learning Place!

Our teaching aids extend beyond the books.

Here at Kimiya Learning Place, we offer Mathematics tuition across all levels, from Primary all the way to Junior College.

Programme Overview

  • Primary School Mathematics

    For Primary School Mathematics, our tutors will help students acquire the basics and fundamentals of each chapter, which are essential for students before they advance to higher levels. The tutors will then work together with students to identify their potential or targeted results, and depending on each students’ academic ability, the tutors will guide them towards either, acquiring the basics, or mastering the advanced or expert level of the syllabus.
  • Lower Secondary Mathematics

    For Lower Secondary Mathematics, it is a huge leap from primary mathematics to Secondary mathematics. Students may find it difficult to adapt to the new syllabus and requirements of the secondary mathematics. Thus, our tutors are here to help students bridge the gap! It is important for students to gain a firm foundation in the lower secondary levels for them to adapt to the upper secondary mathematics’ difficulty. Moreover, many topics that are tested in the ‘O’ Levels are taught in lower secondary and may not be reviewed again in the upper secondary levels. Our tutors that are experienced in this field have the methodology to teach and enhance students’ understanding, propelling students towards better grades, helping them lay a strong foundation for their future years for mathematics.
  • Elementary Mathematics

    Moving on to Elementary Mathematics in Upper Secondary might seem to be an add on to Lower Secondary Mathematics. However, the topics such as similar triangle and real-world problems require students to analyse, apply and solve problems and that commands deeper understanding on different concepts of various chapters.
  • Additional Mathematics

    With two years to prepare for Additional Mathematics, the most common mindset in tackling the subject is to ‘wait till the last minute to catch up’. But with a strong emphasis on Trigonometry for the intimidating subject, it creates a snowball effect that hinders understanding for Additional Mathematics even further. Thus, upper secondary mathematics needs extra detailed and concise explanations, and consistent, high frequency practice. If you or your child is facing problems conquering upper secondary mathematics, wait no further and seek help from our tutors!

About the tutor:

Mr Ken Koh graduated from National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Science for Mathematics. He has more than 9 years of teaching experience in Mathematics and is extremely knowledgeable in his field. With his cheerful character, Mr Koh is able to actively engage students in the class even when they have different levels of learning abilities and pace. Mr Koh also believes in building a ‘TRUST’ relationship with parents and providing sincere feedback on their children’s progress regularly.