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It’s the end of the year again and Kimiya is once again presenting to you our Intensive Holiday Classes!

Our Intensive Holiday classes provides many benefits for all levels of students. Our intensive holiday classes are the solution to all students’ weakness in their academics, no matter what subject.

Benefits of starting early with intensive holiday classes:

1.         Learn new content or Revise at their own pace; no need to rush to understand

2.         Ample time for revision

3.         More time to do practices rather than just learning content

Our intensive holiday classes are planned such that students can use it as both a revision and/or a head start in their academics, way before they start their new school year. It prepares students both academically and mentally for what content they will be facing in the following year.

Our intensive holiday classes are split into two categories, head-start classes and Revision classes.

Maximum of 4 students a group ensures that each student will get maximum personal attention during each lesson

Secondary 2 students going to secondary 3: Head-start classes

Secondary 3 students going to secondary 4 or J1 going to J2: Revision classes.

Head-start intensive holiday classes help lower secondary students learn the newer, harder content they will be facing in upper secondary, which will give them a strong foundation before they start their school year. It helps them be ahead of school and be better at understanding contents later when the relevant content is taught in school.

Revision intensive holiday classes help secondary 3 or J1 students build on their foundation and bridge the gaps. It gives them a refresher of what they have done for the past year which is important in setting the foundation for what they will be learning in secondary 4 and J2. It is also a head-start in terms of their revision for these chapters for their O levels.

We will be offering English, Math, Pure Science, Combined Science, H1 General paper and H2 Chemistry intensive holiday classes for these three levels.

The topics covered includes:

Math Head-start Intensive Holiday Classes

Quadratic Functions

English, General Paper, Social Studies Head-start and Revision Intensive Holiday Classes

More emphasis on techniques and skills.

H2 Chemistry Revision Intensive Holiday Classes

J2: Chemical Bonding, Acid Base equilibrium, Introduction to Organic Chemistry

Pure Chemistry and combined Chemistry Revision Intensive Holiday Classes:

Sec 3: Kinetic Particle Theory, Measurement, Separation Technique, Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding, Mole Calculation, Acid Base, Ionic Equation, Salt, Qualitative Analysis, Periodic Table + Metal’s reactivity series

Pure Physics and Combined Physics Revision Intensive Holiday Classes

Sec 3: Light, Sound, Electromagnetic waves, General Wave Properties, Thermal Physics, Newton Mechanics 1 and 2

Here at Kimiya Learning Place, more than 95% of our students have achieved B3 and above at O level, out of which 60% of our students have achieved distinction.  At Kimiya, we provide a conducive environment, materials, techniques and guidance for your child to improve. This is just like having your child jumping on a trampoline where they are able to reach a greater height and achieve grades that was previously beyond their reach.

Contact us directly at 9010 2109 for more information on the class timing and availability.