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This is your chance to find out why more than 70% of our students were referred to us? No, we do not have a fantastic system of referral. What we have at Kimiya Learning Place is an award winning system in transforming the students’ grade from under-achieving to punching above their weight.

Effective Learning and Teaching Strategies

Leading Secondary Maths Tuition

In the recent 2018 'O' Level results,

100% of our Maths students had achieved distinctions for Elementary Mathematics and 60% had achieved distinctions for Additional Mathematics! And here's why...

Guaranteed Small Group Focus

We believe in maintaining small group size to achieve high impact teaching and learning. That's why our class sizes range from 1 to 5 or 1 to 8 tutor-student ratio.

Motivated Tutors = Motivated Students

Most students think Maths is boring. Our tutors make learning fun and engaging to inspire students to reach their fullest potential, keeping them motivated.

Catering for Learner Diversity

Every student is a unique individual. As such our tutors may adopt appropriate and tailor-made teaching strategies according to students’ learning styles.

Beyond Lesson Consultation

Questions after lesson? We create learning opportunities for students even beyond tuition by providing timely guidance and consultation to queries via WhatsApp chat group.

Our Maths Programmes

Mathematics is probably the toughest obstacle for students in Secondary School, but most parents think that Mathematics in Secondary One is easy and would let their children manage the subject on their own. However students should start their disciplined practices early to ensure that they can spend more time focusing on right concepts in the Upper Secondary levels.

Don’t forget, Mathematics in ‘O’ Level is one of the core subjects for admission into Polytechnic and Junior College! Start building the right habits and foundation for Mathematics at Lower Secondary levels and it shall be a breeze for Additional Mathematics in the future!

  • Lower Secondary Mathematics (Secondary 1 to Secondary 2)

    Lower Secondary Maths Tuition SingaporeLower Secondary Mathematics introduces students to new problem solving skills and higher order thinking in mathematical concepts. While some topics seem elementary but they lay an important foundation for both 'O' Level Elementary and Additional Mathematics.

    Furthermore, all the topics covered in Lower Secondary are also tested in 'O' Level which might not be covered in detail again in Upper Secondary syllabus.
  • Upper Secondary Elementary Mathematics (Secondary 3 to Secondary 4)

    Lower Secondary Maths Tuition SingaporeMoving on to Elementary Mathematics in Upper Secondary might seem to be an add on to Lower Secondary Mathematics.

    However, the topics such as similar triangle and real world problems require students to analyse, apply and solve problems and that commands deeper understanding on different concepts of various chapters.
  • Upper Secondary Additional Mathematics (Secondary 3 to Secondary 4)

    Lower Secondary Maths Tuition SingaporeWith two years to prepare for Additional Mathematics, the most common mindset in tackling the subject is to ‘wait till the last minute to catch up’. But with a strong emphasis on Trigonometry for the intimidating subject, it creates a snowball effect that hinders understanding for Additional Mathematics even further.

    So, start your Secondary 3 journey with a good foundation by practising and clarifying key concepts, and honestly, Additional Mathematics is not as complicated as we perceive it to be. Just remember, adopt logical thinking processes!


Tuition Class Schedule / Fees


LOCATION: Kimiya Learning Place @ Blk 326 Serangoon Ave 3, #01-347, Singapore 550326
Level / SubjectDayTimeFeeStatus
Secondary 1
Sunday11am-1pmS$200 / 4 lessonsAvailable
Secondary 2
Sunday1.30pm-3.30pmS$200 / 4 lessonsAvailable
Friday5.30pm-7.30pmS$200 / 4 lessonsAvailable
Secondary 3
E Mathematics
Friday7.30pm-9.30pmS$220 / 4 lessonsAvailable
Saturday11am-1pmS$220 / 4 lessonsFull
Secondary 3
A Mathematics
Monday5.30pm-7.30pmS$220 / 4 lessonsAvailable
Secondary 4
E Mathematics
Monday7.30pm-9.30pmS$220 / 4 lessonsAvailable
Secondary 4
A Mathematics
Sunday3.30pm-5.30pmS$220 / 4 lessonsAvailable
Saturday1.30pm-3.30pmS$220 / 4 lessonsFull

Kimiya C Grader No More Challenge

At Kimiya Learning Place, we do not conduct any selection assessment for new enrolments yet more than 90% of our students are able to achieve As and Bs after going through our tuition programme.

We do not believe in leaving any child behind and are always prepared to go the extra mile to help all students achieve their targets, as such we are rolling out the “C” Grader No More Challenge. If you scored a “C” or below grade in your previous year academic result for Maths, we will offer you 20% deduction off your tuition fee for 3 months!

For example: You got a “D” for 2018 PSLE Maths. If you enrol for our Sec 1 Maths Tuition in 2019, you will enjoy 20% off your tuition fee for 3 months.

For more information, please contact Kimiya Learning Place today! If you wish to attend a trial class with us, please register your interest below and our staff will be reaching out to you to confirm your session.


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What Our Students Have To Say

I was in Secondary 2, scoring F9 for Maths and had no confidence in my math abilities. After a year with Kimiya Learning Place, my grades have taken a monumental jump from failing to getting Cs and Bs. The tutor is the very embodiment of what a good teacher should be, kind, nurturing, funny and encouraging, however he does not tolerate people who don’t put in effort, after all it takes 2 to tango. The tutor is a forward looking person and he reminds me the end goal is still ‘O’ Level and that with continued hard work I will be able to get to my goals – Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Michaela Nita Corrie-Keilig, Secondary 2

Guidance & Consultation via WhatsApp