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A deeper dive into the subject, ‘A’ Level Chemistry is not an easy subject to take in Junior College. It is one of the harder subjects in the ‘A’ Levels. It goes beyond memorisation and application that is commonly used in the ‘O’ Levels. Chemistry at the ‘A’ Levels requires higher order thinking, a firm grasp of the concepts, and a very good time management.

If you are struggling with it, it is no surprise as it is a subject that requires deep understanding and lots of practice. Here at Kimiya, our tutor will be here for you throughout this tough journey towards attaining that A in Chemistry.

As the ‘A’ Level examinations loom, there will be intensive classes that trains and drills students, be it in the written papers, practical paper, or MCQ paper. These intensive classes will drive students towards excellence and acing their chemistry paper.


We are able to maintain consistent and impressive results by applying the following teaching methodologies:

  • Understand key chemistry concepts
  • Clue mining from the questions
  • Apply the correct concepts and answer using the keywords

Indeed, analytical Chemistry at JC level can be demanding but doing well in the subject is definitely an attainable goal.

Our tutor, Ms Hazel has been teaching and tutoring students in ‘A’ Levels Chemistry since her student days. She has an excellent understanding of the syllabus and the requirements of the ‘A’ Levels examination. Her detailed teaching will help students grasp the concepts quicker, and the customised worksheets prepared by Kimiya will put students in a good position for their examinations.

The Chemistry classes are taught by our centre founder Ms Hazel:

Ms Hazel received her BSc (HONS) in 2007 and has tutoring experience for more than 10 years. On top of the upper Secondary Chemistry class, she also handles all our lower Secondary Science and A level H2 Chemistry classes. She authors the Chemistry notes and assessment (reference to MOE syllabus) used in our learning place.

For more information about our Chemistry Tuition classes, kindly drop by our tuition centre or contact us here.

I have strengthened my concepts for organic Chemistry and the notes and assessment have given me motivation to score A1 for O level Chemistry.

Chua Tze Ren, Victoria School

Student for June 2014 Organic Chemistry Intensive Class