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At the first glance, ‘O’ Level Combined Science may seem to be simpler and more straight forward when compared to the pure science. But in reality, students are required to study two different subjects yet are graded for the average understanding. Good time management and understanding of both subjects are important. To enhance their learning, we emphasize on building their fundamentals, application skills and time management.

But what can one expect from an ‘O’ Level Combined Science Tuition class at Kimiya Learning Place?

Combined Science tuition classes at Kimiya will rotate between the two sciences on a weekly basis – focusing on Chemistry one week and Physics the next. During class, 1 hour will be spent on teaching the topics and students will utilize the next hour on practice questions. Also, at the start of every lesson, a 10 minutes quiz will be given as practice for important concepts.free-chemistry-notes

And at the end of every month, another quiz will test students on what they have learn. The materials given are original material from the centre itself with additional supplementary material in the form of papers. It is also worth to note that classes focus heavily on solving and answering techniques – this is to maximise a student’s ability to score well in their exams.

Need help with your Combined Sciences?

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About the Tutors
Ms Hazel is one of the founders of Kimiya Learning Place. She received her BSc (HONS) from National University of Singapore in 2007 and has tutoring experience for more than 10 years. On top of the upper Secondary Chemistry class, she also handles all our lower Secondary Science and A level H2 Chemistry classes. She authors the Chemistry notes and assessment (reference to MOE syllabus) used in our learning place.

Mr Liu Sikai has an impressive Chemistry research and industrial experience prior to founding Kimiya Learning Place. He is a holder of BSc (HONS) from National University of Singapore and has extensive experience in tutoring. He is teaching the ‘O’ Level classes (Chemistry, Physics and Combined Science classes) for the upper Secondary.