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Many Students struggle with English as a subject. For Paper 1, they find it hard to pen down their thoughts and to relevant make an argument in their essay. And for Paper 2, it is a challenge to understand the text given, answer the short questions adequately and achieve decent marks for the summary question.

English is a subject that is not like the sciences and mathematics. To excel, it requires maximum exposure to the language in everyday life, as well as knowledge of the different skillsets needed to be applied in examinations. Mastering the language will not only require practice, but also a consciousness to internalise the language into daily life.

Our tutors here at Kimiya have accumulated years of experience in the teaching of the English Language and have mastered their own methodologies in teaching the subject. You can count on them on your journey towards distinction in the English Language. Be rest assured that our tutors will develop your mastery in the language and propel you towards excellence in the subject.

Are you or is your child experiencing difficulty in mastering the English Language? Look no further. At Kimiya Learning Place, we offer classes for GCE ‘O’ Level English for Secondary students.

Having English Tuition has a benefit that extends beyond the subject itself. A student who is strong in the English language will tend to be able to better understand and present their answers in subjects like Humanities and even in the sciences like Chemistry and Physics.

About the Tutors:

Ms Julia Chan is a PSC scholar with a 2nd upper honours degree in English Language. She was a VP at 2 schools, was HOD of English and English Literature at Nan Hua High School and was a GP teacher at Anderson Junior College. Her extensive teaching experience leads to her deep understanding in the English Language, molding her strong belief in customised teaching that caters to students with varied linguistic skills and from different language backgrounds. She will be taking the graduating batches’ classes in Kimiya Learning Place.

Mr Chen Weilun obtained his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from the National University of Singapore (NUS). With regards to teaching and tutoring, he previously taught History in a Junior College (JC). There he assisted his General Paper (GP) colleague with knowledge in political theory. His students have hailed from the Primary to the JC levels in the subjects of English, History and GP. Various topics interest Weilun – law, sports, literature, classical music, finance and ethics among others. Where possible he draws links between the different disciplines and subjects. Overall, he hopes to help students grow holistically over the long term.