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The sciences in general can be tough. Even if one is good at once science, let’s say Chemistry, there is no guarantees that once will be as good at another science, like Physics.

Don’t always know the formula to calculate laws of motion, vectors or the trajectory of something being thrown? Having trouble with topics like Heat and Electricity? Just as we offer Chemistry tuition here at Kimiya Learning Place, we also have Physics classes for secondary school students who will eventually sit for their ‘O’ Level physics examination.

Physics is a subject that requires a firm grasp of the concepts, subsequent understanding of the contents and a lot of practice. Here at Kimiya, the customised worksheets that are categorised by different levels of difficulties can cater to students with different backgrounds and levels of ability. Our exam-targeted questions coupled with our tutor’s detailed and concise explanations will help students understand the tough concepts much easier, which then helps them in solving physics questions with ease, propelling them towards excellence.

Abstract concepts may be tough to understand, but with our concise notes, our tutor’s well-organised explanation and customised worksheets for practice, you will be ready for your ‘O’ Levels in no time!

If you find yourself struggling with the subject, don’t wait anymore. Help is just around the corner. Contact us and find out more about class schedules for physics tuition here.

About the Tutors

Mr Liu has an impressive Chemistry research and industrial experience prior to founding Kimiya Learning Place. He is a holder of BSc (HONS) since 2006 and has extensive experience in tutoring. He is teaching the ‘O’ Level classes (Chemistry, Physics and Combined Science classes) for the upper Secondary.

Mr Kennard is a full-time tutor who specialises in upper secondary and JC physics. He scored 5A1s (Physics, Biology, E-Maths, A-Maths, E-Geography) for O’ Levels and 5As (H2 Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Economics & H1 Project Work) for A’ Levels. In 2019, he graduated NUS with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering with Honours (Highest Distinction). Throughout his course of study, he was also awarded the Dean’s List for three semesters. He is a strong advocate of Conceptual Learning and hopes to develop his students into active and inquisitive learners.