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The Primary School Science curriculum aims to provide students with holistic conceptual and procedural understanding.

The curriculum encompasses of 5 major pillars, Diversity, Cycles, Systems, Interactions and Energy. These topics are curated to prepare students to function and excel in an increasingly technology-driven society. In the process of learning about the world around them, students would pick up skillsets like analysing, evaluating, observing, and classifying things around them.

The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is the first hurdle that all singaporean students have to go through and it is important that students prepare themselves for it.  It may seem tough for students who are not used to the science syllabus, however, our tutor here at  Kimiya Learning Place is here to help! Our tutor believes in providing a comfortable and fun learning environment for all students through interactive class activities and experiments.

Making sure that our students understand the content is of utmost importance for our tutor. Our tutors always encourages her students to think and question while clarifying any doubts raised along the way. By utilising a well-planned lesson and goal-driven activities, our tutor believes that experiential learning can take shape more effectively.

It is important for all students to understand and comprehend the concepts in primary school so that in the future when they move to secondary school, they have laid a strong foundation for themselves and it prepares them for the tougher and deeper depth of science topics in the future.

You can count on the dedicated tutors at Kimiya to assist you in preparing for and better understanding primary school science. Through the various tried-and-tested teaching methods, you can expect to stay on par or even be ahead of your classmates in school!

About the Tutor

Ms Eunice Han is a Science and Mathematics coach, specialising in Primary and Secondary School Science and Primary School Mathematics. Her deepest passion is in Chemistry where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from National University of Singapore (NUS).  She strives to achieve both academic excellence and essential life skills in her classroom. With patience and encouragement, she aims to show her students how to apply concepts to real-world applications while equipping them with abilities to acquire knowledge and skills actively.