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Secondary 3 & 4 Holiday Chemistry Class for June 2014

Can you answer the following questions correctly and obtained full marks for each?

  1. Explain, in terms of bonding and structure, why sodium chloride has a high melting point compared to chlorine gas?
  2. Explain why ammonium nitrate is not added together with calcium hydroxide to the soil as fertilizer?
  3. Write the ionic equation for titration of dilute sulfuric acid and aqueous ammonia.

Be it that you are having problem answering the questions above or simply need some instant boost for Chemistry this coming holiday. It is time to join us for our intensive Chemistry Class.

Class Schedules:

  • 9 June – Chemical Bonding + Atomic Structure + Writing Chemical Formula
  • 10 June – Salt and QA
  • 12 June – Mole Concept & Calculations
  • 13 June – Metals + Group Properties
  • 16 June – Ammonia + Energy of chemical reactions + Speed of Reactions
  • 17 June – Electrolysis & Redox
  • 19 & 20 June (2 classes)- Alkanes, Alkenes, Alcohol, Carboxylic Acids and Macromolecules

Class Size: Max 4 students

All lessons will be conducted from 10am to 1pm.
We will accept alternative timings if the students can come in groups of 2 or more.



  • $80 per class (Normal: $100)



  • Students who sign up for the holiday program will enjoy $50 off when you book for our regular class in June.

There are limited vacancies for each class. For more information or sign up, please contact us at 65549440 or walk in to our centre at Blk 443, Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #02-1251, (S)560443.


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