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Secondary 4 Pure Chemistry Holiday Class for Nov/Dec 2013

Click here for our 2014 Holiday Class Schedule


Dear Parents/Students,

Do you know that 60% of the ‘O’ Level syllabuses are covered during the Secondary 3 term? And if you are able to master this portion, it generally means that a minimum passing grade in your ‘O’ Level will have been secured. If you are still struggling, this coming holiday is a good opportunity to catch up and achieve results in the ‘O’ Level.

The holiday program commences in November and will be conducted in a modular format. You do not need to complete all modules; you only choose the relevant topic(s) that you require more attention to. This is to overcome a common issue students are facing with most tuition centers, i.e. tuition syllabuses are not in sync with the school syllabuses.

The modules available:

  1. Experimental Chemistry and Particulate Nature of Matter (Topics: Measurement Chemistry; Purification of substances; Solids, Elements, Compounds and Mixtures)
  2. Particulate Nature of Matter and Atomic Structure (Topics: Liquids and Gases; Structure of Atoms; Chemical Bonding, Structure and Properties)
  3. Formulae, Stoichiometry and Mole Concept (Topics: Relative Mass and Mole Calculations; Calculations using Chemical equations)
  4. Chemistry of Reactions I (Topics: Acid and Bases; Neutralizations and Salts; Ammonia; Chemical Analysis)
  5. Chemistry of Reactions II (Topics: Redox Reactions; Electrolysis; Energy from Chemicals; Speed of Reactions)
  6. Atmosphere and Organic Chemistry (Topics: Air; Fuels and Crude Oil; Alkanes and Alkenes; Alcohols and Carboxylic Acid; Macromolecules)

** Each module consists of 4 lessons. An assessment/quiz (MCQ and Short Structured Questions) will be conducted at the end of each module.

Class Schedules:

  • Module 1 – 11th to 14th Nov 2013
  • Module 2 – 18th to 21st Nov 2013
  • Module 3 – 25th to 28h Nov 2013
  • Module 4 – 2nd to 5th Dec 2013
  • Module 5 – 9th to 12th Dec 2013
  • Module 6 – 16th to 19th Dec 2013

** Please check with us for the timings or if special arrangement is required.


  • Students who sign up for the holiday program by 31 Oct will enjoy a 20% discount off.


  • Students who sign up for 2 or more modules will enjoy additional 10% discount for this holiday program.
  • Students who sign up for the holiday program + 2014 class will enjoy additional 20% discount for this holiday program

There are limited vacancies for each class. For more information or sign up, please contact us at 65549440 or walk in to our centre at Blk 443, Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #02-1251, (S)560443.

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