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At Kimiya Learning Place, the essence of learning is not only limited to scoring well and achieving good grades in return. Here, we make it a journey of discovery and enlightenment, we help our students hone their skills, so they can achieve excellence, and be able to stand out from the crowd.

In recent times, Education in Singapore has laid so much emphasis on ‘Application’, long gone are the days where students were tested and graded, based on their ability to memorize and regurgitate model answers. These days, examiners focus more on the candidate’s ability to ‘Analyse’ a question, ‘Apply’ their knowledge and come up with the most suitable answer to that particular question; which are in fact, the essence of learning in the first place.

To achieve the aforementioned ‘A’s, Kimiya advocates the innovative 3 ‘A’s method to help students master the subject – Acquire, Apply and Appreciate.


In the most fundamental phase, students have to acquire the basic knowledge of each subject. Students are taught in the most precise and summarised way for each topic as well. The depth that Kimiya goes for each topic is usually more than required by the syllabus as found on the SEAB website.

With a small class size and engaging learning methods, learning is facilitated and effective. This supplementary knowledge allows students to better understand textbook concepts and prepares them for the various types of questions that they may encounter during their assessments in school.


In the execution phase, students need to apply and be tested on their acquired knowledge. Students will be taught how to analyze questions by spotting keywords and likewise how to answer them. Students will learn about specific keywords recommended by top and official institutions to allow them to do better than their peers during examinations.

The best preparation is always via practice, hence students will attempt a wide variety of actually-tested questions to familiarise themselves well. By possessing good application skills, students will be able to perform better than their peers.


In the feedback phase, Kimiya prides itself in inculcating a sense of responsibility in students’ own learning. After picking up the application techniques, our students will be better able to appreciate their learning and are able to post questions that require deeper knowledge and more understanding. Having which, they will do well not only in the national examinations but it also lays a strong foundation in their next level of studies.

The 3 ‘A’s approach by Kimiya has achieved enormous success, and these could be seen in our students’ results. You are welcome to find out more for yourself about the rewarding experience of studying at Kimiya. Please, feel free to call or send us an email now! Alternatively you can drop us your enquiry here.