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Why Students/Parents Love Us?

Kimiya Learning Place is the smart choice for parents and students looking for tuition centre in Singapore. Here's why:

All Rounded Support

One-to-one consultations. Conducive study spaces with coaching from tutors for all students. Rescheduling of classes available to ensure students do not miss out on weekly classes. Tutors provide online consultation via whatsapp. Additional classes are provided for weaker students to help them get in sync and for stronger students to excel.

Customised Programme

We have small group classes with a class ratio of 1-5 to 1-8. This ensures ample focus on each student. Our worksheets are customised to different levels to accommodate to the needs of students with different academic levels. Periodic quizzes are provided to ensure maximum content retention. Tutors align classes to student’s progress in school

Positive Teacher-Student Engagement

Our teachers engage personally with students. They are not only tutors, but also mentors who help students outside of their academics. Their caring, friendly demeanour allows students to adapt to the learning in Kimiya fast. Kimiya tutors encourage positive student self-image through praising and rewarding students’ achievements

Exam-Oriented Teaching Style

Questions and notes are targeted at helping students tackle exam questions. Students will be taught tips and skills that are applicable in exams to achieve the best results within the time limit. Classes are brought forward near exams to revise key concepts with students to ensure they excel in their exams.

The Number One Organised, Trusted, and Result-Oriented Tuition Centre in Singapore

The teachers at Kimiya Learning Place are highly qualified, organized, meticulous and hardworking; they do an awesome job, ensuring our curriculum is broad, stimulating and engaging for all of our students.

We also have an amazingly; exceptional support system. The facilities at our disposal allow us to be your number one choice for learning centres in Singapore. We go the extra mile to ensure that you become a high achiever!! Be it in your GCE ‘N’ level, ‘O’ level, ‘A’ level, and all-around personal development.

What Our Students Have To Say