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In Kimiya, we are here to nurture and enhance the potential of each individual student who are looking for that extra push to fire up their grades. Have a first hand experience on how we can enhance and enrich your child’s academic and learning capability! Register for a Free Trial Class.

For Pri School, Sec School & JC Students

Enrichment & Academic Learning Centre


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Why Students/Parents Love Us?

Kimiya Learning Place is the smart choice for parents and students looking for tuition centre in Singapore. Here's why:

Customized Group Size

We offer classes ranging from 1 to 1, 1 to 5 and 1 to 10.

Customized Programme

Our programmes are designed to adapt to the flow of lessons according to individual school. The students will not be lost again.

Consultation After Lesson

Extra 15 - 30 minutes have been allocated for students to clarify any doubts. No more back-to-back lesson.

Study Corner

The day does not end after each lesson. Students are encouraged to make use of the study area to maximize learning, with coaching included.

What Our Students Have To Say