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Kimiya Learning Place is a chemistry tuition in Singapore that was founded in 2013, with the philosophy of providing for the academic needs of our students to the fullest, regardless of their current level of academic ability. It is why here at Kimiya Learning Place, we do not implement any internal examinations. We believe that all students deserve our unconditional commitment and guidance. It is with this philosophy that we ensure our chemistry tuition classes are in small sizes and our curriculum personalized. We want to provide the most tailored solution for all our students to excel. All students are different in their learning style and pace, and Kimiya Learning Place does its best to cater to our students’ differential needs.


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Our Programmes

When a student enrols in our chemistry tuition program he/she will be assessed on his/her academic strengths and weaknesses. This helps us to tailor a learning plan according to his/her academic needs. Additionally, our chemistry tutors closely follow the MOE syllabus to ensure that lesson plans complement what is being taught in school.

Upper Secondary

Pure Chemistry

In chemistry classes, we have a culture of two-way communication. Students do not come in and sit and listen.
Every lesson, as our tutor goes through each lesson’s material, students will be prompted on questions with regards to certain concepts and at the same time, students can ask any question to the tutor.
This allows students to understand what are their gaps and what concepts they have successfully acquired. Practice questions are given weekly after the tutor goes through the concept and students have taken down the relevant notes.

Lower / Upper Secondary


Lessons topics are generally planned in accordance with school syllabus. Each topic will take about 3 to 4 lessons. For upper sec, once every topic is covered, lower sec topics that are popular in 'O's will be revised again. Subsequently, lessons will include practicing mock papers with paper 1 and 2 taken alternatively every lesson. Personalized notes will be given with several methods of explanation given by the teacher. This is to cater to every individual's way of thinking. During class, 30 to 45 mins will be spent on going through notes and shown examples, and the rest of the time will be spent on practice WS. Intended questions not finished will be regarded as homework.

Lower Secondary


Powerpoint slides customized by our tutor will be provided to all students. Each chapter is broken down into individual concepts supplemented with relevant examples. Through the use of diagrams and concept maps etc, these tools enhances understanding of the concepts . Customised worksheets divided into 3 different levels will also be practiced after going through each topic. Level 1 questions are used to reinforce the concepts taught, level 2 short answer questions focuses on writing keywords in answer and level 3 questions are used to introduce inference and analysis which helps students tackle skills needed in N/O level science.

Lower / Upper Secondary


At Lower Secondary level, the focus is on cultivating a love for English by encouraging creative writing and open discussions, with regular guided practice of test questions to prepare students for the examinations. At Upper Secondary level, the focus zooms in on expanding students' vocabulary, sentence types and writing strategies in order to master essay-writing. In addition, students will be taught how to recognise and answer the various question types in the 3 different comprehension passages of Paper 2. They will do this through regular guided practice. Continual analysis and feedback will be given to them on their work so they can understand their own strengths and areas for improvement.

Junior College

H2 Chemistry

For H2 Chemistry, the difficulty level increased significantly compared to the O levels. Not only is the depth and breadth of content much deeper and wider, questions are also more complexed and required deeper analysis. To help students tackle H2 Chemistry with ease, our tutor provides concise notes that summarise and highlight the key concepts in the entire syllabus. Along with the notes comes with the weekly practice worksheets that emphasise on applying the concepts to help students tackle questions that require inference and analysis. At the H2 level, practical is also an extremely important component. We provide materials and classes near the practical A levels chemistry exam to help students revise for their practical too.

Junior College

General Paper

General Paper is a very exciting and challenging subject. Students will be taught to recognise and answer the various question types in Paper 2, in particular, the Application Question which is a new question type for most students entering JC. Students will also be taught and given regular guided practice on the short questions in Paper 2, which require a deep understanding of the passage and an author's intention. In addition, for Paper 1 (Essay), students will be taught essay structure, writing style and substantiation of argument. Students will also be given handouts on global and local current affairs to boost their knowledge, which is crucial for doing well in General Paper.



In the area of primary mathematics, our tutor will commence the learning process by providing students with a comprehensive overview of the topic, thereby laying a solid foundation for the comprehension of the fundamental mathematical concepts. Subsequently, students will be given personalized worksheets that facilitate the practical application of these concepts. Our tutor will guide the in-class practices to ensure that the pace is tailored to the individual student's requirements.



In the field of Primary Science, our tutor places a high value on the acquisition and comprehension of the subject matter. As a result, each topic is meticulously explored in great detail to ensure that the concepts are thoroughly explained to the students. Customized notes are also prepared to simplify the material and facilitate students' understanding by presenting the topic in easily digestible portions. In addition to these notes, tailored worksheets and practice papers are provided to allow students to apply the knowledge they have gained and reinforce their understanding of the material. This approach enables students to familiarize themselves with the content while solidifying their knowledge of the acquired concepts.


We impact our students positively.

Kimiya Learning Place has helped many students achieve academic excellence over the past 8 years since we have been established.

Our students always come back to us with introduction of other students because of the effective knowledge transfer we are able to offer.

Our students’ academic excellence are not just numbers, they are proud badges we wear knowing that we have positively impacted our students’ academic endeavour in the best way possible. We constantly evolve our curriculum with the syllabus while staying true to our rooted teaching methodologies that have been proven to help our students excel.

It is with this that we continue to receive students’ recommendations to other students, helping us continue to spread our positive impact across more students.

Best Chemistry Tuition Singapore

What our students have to say?

Anderson Serangoon Junior College

Ying Eng (2021)

Ms Hazel dissected chemistry concepts into bite-sized pieces and further strengthened my understanding through guided practices on my weaker topics. This gave me exposure to various question types so that I could really gain an in depth understanding of the topics. She is also very easy to approach and even goes the extra mile to have consultations beyond class time just to answer any of my queries.
Her continuous guidance really helped me to build my confidence to tackle A level chemistry!

St Andrews Junior College

Khay Yee (2021)

Ms Hazel has helped me improve by identifying and targeting my weaknesses in chemistry, which has allowed me to better understand the content taught and apply them effectively in my work.
Her patience with me gave me the opportunity to pose my questions freely, allowing me to clarify my doubts and correct my understanding, which has helped me tremendously.

Anderson Serangoon Junior College

Ying En (2021)

Ms Julia really helped me improve on my essays through her one on one approach during lessons. It allowed me to not only understand which writing style best suited me but also how to write a more captivating essay. The various techniques she taught for comprehension allowed me to better identify question types and answer accordingly. This allowed me to improve from a grade D to A!

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Frequently asked questions

We’ve identified some commonly asked quesions…

Where are your centres located?

We currently have two branches, one in Ang Mo Kio, one in Serangoon.


Ang Mo Kio:
Blk 443 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10
Singapore 560443


Blk 265 Serangoon Central Drive
Singapore 550265

How do I enrol my child in your programme?
  1. Call to enquire
    Call us at 65549440 and enquire. Our admin will help with the enrolment of your child in our programme.

  2. Submit the inquiry form on our website
    Upon submission, we will receive your inquiry and our admin will reach out to you as soon as possible to arrange the enrolment.
Do you provide e-learning option in case of another lockdown?

Yes we do provide e-learning option for all students.

In fact, during all the lockdown periods in 2020 and 2021, we have continued all our classes online.


Kimiya Learning Place would like to ensure that all our students are able to continue to excel in their studies even amidst the pandemic.

What's the class size and lesson duration?

We keep our class sizes small, with a maximum of 8 students in each class to ensure that our tutors are able to give all students sufficient attention and guidance.


For lower secondary students, duration of classes one and a half hour.
For upper secondary and above, duration of classes is two hours.

I need more information, who can I get in touch with urgently?

Do contact our admin at 9010 2109.

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