If you still believe that simply memorising what is in your textbook will help you ace your ‘O’ Level examinations, you should re-access the examinations you will be taking.

Whether you are taking Combined Science or Pure Science, memorising will no longer be sufficient for you to pass with flying colours. More than that, your examinations questions will now require you to interpret and analyse data, and combine your existing knowledge with the information given in your questions.

Do you not understand why you are not doing well? Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Do you know why the below example is unable to get the full marks?

It seems like it is the correct answer since the explanation has the elements needed to explain the size of the ionic radius. However, the student has missed out on the most important part, the answer did not include information from the table, hence resulting in a loss of marks.

How about this question? Can you spot why the answer was insufficient?

The student did get the first answer correctly, however, he did not realise that the second part of the question requires the answer of the first question and did not provide the necessary key words to attain the full score.

These two examples shows you that simply recalling and regurgitating your textbook content is insufficient to score well in the current syllabus.

This is why at Kimiya Learning Place, we have always adhered to our teaching principle of Acquire, Apply, Appreciate. We understand from the very start that simply acquiring knowledge is not the most optimum learning method.

At Kimiya, the acquire stage is when we impart the knowledge to our students for them to understand. At apply stage, we do not just help them memorise the course content. We teach our students how to understand the questions and how to pick out the relevant content.  Once they learn how to apply, they will come to appreciate the concepts and be able to apply for every kind of questions, regardless of the material tested.

Kimiya’s founding philosophy is for students like you, to learn such examinations skills of picking up relevant clues in questions and how to apply them to achieve full score in your answers. And this founding philosophy has helped many of our students to ace their examinations.

Additionally, not only will these skills help you in your current journey toward the ‘O’ levels examinations, but for students who are looking to take Chemistry at the ‘A’ levels, this is an essential skill that will set a strong foundation.

So, if you want to know how to ace your examinations, call us at 6554 9440 today to book a free trial class!