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How Can I Prepare Myself for Junior College?

Congratulations to all our ‘O’ Level students for overcoming the toughest hurdle in education so far! With the results’ release last week, it is now time to plan for the next level of education! The next 2 to 3 years is undoubtedly the most important for students stepping into...

Is There A Need For Tuition For Secondary School Mathematics?

Trust us, we know that Mathematics is probably the toughest obstacle for students in Secondary School. Most parents might think that Mathematics in Secondary One is easy and let their child manage on their own. However, this is also the most crucial time for them to build the...

Is There A Difference in Learning the English Language in Secondary School?

In transitioning to more advanced levels, subjects inevitably become tougher while requiring more time and attention. This is very much the case for English Language, a critical subject for educational progression. Secondary level English exposes students to the wider world of...

Lower Secondary Science Tuition A Waste of Money and Time?

That is one question that many ask. Contrary to popular belief nonetheless, Lower Secondary sciences are almost entirely different from those in primary school levels. Science in Primary School levels focuses mainly on observations, inquiry and discovery. Schools provide a...

Sec 4 Chemistry

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FREE ‘A’ Level Preparatory Class 2016

The objective of the preparatory class is to provide the students a solid foundation and a good head start for their first year in Junior College.

June 2015 Chemistry Intensive Class

 June 2015 Sec 3 Chemistry Intensive Class   Knowledge must come through action. ~ Sophocles Worried about the shaky foundation that you have for Pure Chemistry? Or simply don’t know what keyword to use? It is about time to action and join us this June holiday for our...